Photostory 3 ~ Lesson Plan Ideas

  • Family Tree Lesson Plan

  • Personal Narrative Lesson Plan

  • What are you wearing? ~ Persuasive Lesson Plan

  • Digital Story Telling ~ Several Lessons for many subjects

  • Creating a Class Pattern Book Lesson Plan

    Learning Experience 5 Resources: "Sharing Your Message"

    • Poetry: Create a photostory that brings one of these poems to life.
    • Social Studies/History: Become a newsreporter to share an important historical event by making a photostory.
    • Math: Create a photostory that explains a mathmatical concept or shares math story problem.
    • Science: Create a photostory that explains a science concept
    *Project Resources*

    Learning Experience 6 Resources: Classroom Photo Story 3 Projects that support Maryland VSC

    • Sample Ideas - Adobe Digitial Kids Club (Although these lessons and projects are made for use with Adobe Photoshop, there are many great student-centered lesons ideas that could be used with Photo Story 3.)

    Learning Experience 7 Resources: Lesson Plan Integrating Photo Story 3

    Learning Experience 8 Resources: Creating Student Resource Files

  • Digital Media

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